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Even though Dedaa is an Education Technology, it’s a company which focus on the great benefits of the public.

Dedaa.com.mm is a product of Dedaa and it mainly focus to educate and spread  knowledge for the people and it enables the teachers, lecturers and resource people to share their  knowledge and to gain the revenues.

In this way, Dedaa is a Web Platform which undergoes to the  progressive path of Win-Win situation.

Dedaa.com.mm is a content maker for all the professions like Business, IT, Creativity and  Language under one place with the help of teachers, lecturers, vocational courses, and colleges.

Becoming a course provider at Dedaa.com.mm, people will not only gain the educational experience  but also have secondary income with their professions and knowledge.

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Please tell us the detail about your profession. For example, instead of using “I’m good at teaching about business management”, use “I’ve graduated a Master Degree in Business Management and I am  now a senior manager at a well establsihed company. With my experiences, I would like to teach the HR policies covering the Business Management Course Outlines.”